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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Name That Canyon

Which one of these photos is NOT the Fish River Canyon of Namibia?

FACT: After the Grand Canyon of the United States, the Fish River Canyon of Namibia ranks largest in size.

Here are a few more facts for the trivia buffs, which are a little harder. Identify Fish River Canyon of Namibia or Grand Canyon of the USA for each item.

  • Has a maximum depth of 550 meters
  • Is 1609 meters at its deepest
  • Began forming about 6 million years ago
  • Was formed about 500 million years ago
  • Measures about 161 kilometers in length
  • Measures about 445 river kilometers in length
  • Maximum width of 24.14 kilometers
  • Is 27 kilometers in width, at its widest
  • Is a stunning sight
  • Ancient Pueblo people lived there
  • Ancestors of the Khoi people lived there
  • Is a UNESCO World Heritage Site


  1. I guess the first picture. Where is the answer?

  2. taking another shot at the trivia
    1. Fish Canyon
    3. Fish
    4. grand
    5. Fish
    6. Fish
    7. Fish
    8. Fish
    9. Trick question both is a stunning sight
    12.Grand Canyon
    What do you think? this is Mom

  3. OOO, I know, I know!! Grand Canyon is the first picture!! I knew what you were wearing in your pictures! : ) The others I'll have to think about a little more! WAAASSSSUUPP???!! -Laurie

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