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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mathematics Marathon in Keetmanshoop

We made the news!! The following article was published in the Monday, 24 May 2010 edition of the Namibian newspaper. The article along with three photos were featured in the Youth Paper.

"The Keetmanshoop Plato Centre hosted two Mathematics Marathons for dozens of eager and willing students during the first two weeks of the school holidays.

Marathon participants ranged from nine to 18, and represented seven different schools throughout the Karas Region. Participants spent an average of 15 hours learning and practising in math concepts each week, however, many learners participated in both marathons, devoting over 30 hours of their break to strengthening their math performance.

According to Tamara Webb, Manager of the Keetmanshoop Plato Centre, the children's efforts paid off well. 'The three main goals of the marathons were to assist pupils in the revision of the first term's mathematics question papers, to support pupils in reaching an international standard of excellence for their grade, and to offer an outlet whereby pupils recognise mathematics as fun and manageable,' she said. She adds that while the majority of the time was spent on computer-based instruction and practise, pupils also participated in group games and completed written reviews at the end of each week to check their actual mastery and retention of topics learned. 'These marathons were truly a testament to the dedication and endurance of learners who need to heighten their confidence in mathematics, as well as confident pupils who seek greater academic challenges in the subject,' she said.

Participants received certificates at the end of their two-week marathon."

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