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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For the Love of Math

Today, I got mobbed by about 50 learners who were jockeying to be first-in-line to use the computer lab (we only have 25 computers). Yesterday, I had about 22 learners that came first thing in the morning and actually stayed for six hours!

There are a few notes/facts that make the scene heart-warming and inspiring.

1) The computers in the lab contain just one software application, educational learning software called PLATO. There are no word processing programs, no games, no internet. Clients at the lab are required to work on mathematics and sciences.

2) Visits to the lab are completely voluntary. The learners are not required to be there.

3) The sessions are scheduled for just one hour.

4) The last day of the first school term was last Wednesday. The learners are officially on holiday. The second school term does not begin until on May 26.

My biggest dilemma today was trying to figure out how to manage the crowd. I had learners in grades three up to grade 12. A teacher and a few out-of-school learners also stopped by to enjoy the resources.

I’m thinking about suggesting and helping to create a math camp format for the next holiday. With the students’ enthusiasm for learning (and nothing else for them to do in town), we may be able to make more out of this opportunity.

I do believe the children are our future. And I will do my part to teach them well.

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  1. HEy Lady, I hope all is well. My computer crashed so I haven't been able to follow up until just now. Keep doing your thang. Miss you..

    KEn Smith