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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oukongo Village

One stop we made along the way was in the small village of Oukongo, about 15 km outside of Opuwo. Fellow WorldTeach Volunteer, Ayoola (from Trinidad), teaches English and Life Skills classes there. There is no running water and you have to hitch a ride to town if you want to get groceries. Ayoola was super-excited to see us. We even whisked her away on a drive north for a few hours.

The photo shows schoolchildren climbing to the top of the water “tower?” to fill their buckets for home. The spout on the side of the tower is broken. Needless to say, the water in the tower doesn’t stay clean for too long because the kids simply dig their dirty containers into the water contaminating what may have once been clean. Don’t worry, Ayoola is on it and has already begun teaching and reinforcing the concepts of water cleanliness. She has seen at least a few of the young residents take heed by cleaning their bottles before dipping.

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