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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keeping Clean

I now have a challenge that is equal to that of washing my own hair – handwashing my own clothes. What a chore! One of my roommates pays a local woman to do it, which helps a hard-working individual earn needed money and takes the huge chore of the table.

I am a little hesitant to have anyone do my cleaning (for now). I feel awkward when I can do it myself, especially when I see women who look like they are in their 90s taking care of all type of domestic activities (by themselves). And especially in an environment where servitude was recently the only viable work options for members of this community. My back is often in pain after washing because I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it; but, I’m sure I can be as strong as the elders.

The first week, I tried washing in a bucket in the tub (to avoid going into the washroom and encountering big insects by surprise), but had to scrap that practice because the tub is just too low.

I have enough underwear to last at least three weeks (actually four) so…..in reality, I may only need to wash once a month (kidding, not about the number of undergarments, but about the ability of me to keep my low supply of clothing clean and wearable without soap for 30 days). The heat and dust make regular washing a necessity.

I'm currently in Windhoek and have bought a number of supplies that will help make the rooms in my house a bit cleaner as well.

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