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Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Goodwill Ambassadors

In order to have true impact, the work of the Khorixas Computer-Based Learning Centre cannot be the work of the computer software alone. Maths and Sciences were neglected for far too long in certain communities to have the gap closed with a few hours in front of a computer. Besides, 90% of our learners in Khorixas had never touched a computer prior to their time in the Centre. Special attention needs to be given to increasing their basic familiarities with computer technology, which will slow down the rate at which the academic lessons will be understood.

One-on-one time with learners, additional off-line activities for home and self-study, classroom aids (posters, maps), parent involvement, assistance with the English language, heightened and specialized teacher training, are all among the necessary tools for improving the potential of youth in Khorixas to truly excel.

During their trip to Namibia, my mother and Denise spent time in the Centre. Denise only had a day to visit, but her day was busy. She noticed needs right away and Ms. Social Worker went to work, helping with specific math challenges, assisting learners with the proper use of the computer hardware, and acknowledging success when it occured (which is extremely important).

My mother will be in the Centre with me for about two and a half weeks. During her time, she has already helped with massive amounts of data entry that will be absolutely essential to analyzing learner progress and facilitating dialogue with teachers, learners, and parents. She has also worked with learners one-on-one, both at the computer and in a more personal setting, to help them navigate through lessons and to help facilitate their basic understanding of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. My mother's work has been even more effective because of the massive donations she brought with her to Namibia. Pushing the limits of airline luggage allowances and frequent flyer privileges, Mrs. Webb packed away tons of learning goodies for the Centre, Khorixas schools, and learners. In her suitcase were dozens of classroom posters, pens/pencils/crayons, math flashcards, reading books, index cards, audio headsets and splitters (for group work), and much, much more.

Every bit helps. If you are interested in donating to the Mathematics and Sciences learning project in Namibia, please let me know.

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