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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thieves in the Day

A few weeks ago, my housemate’s clothes were stolen from our outside clothesline. It was broad daylight and he was inside the house when it happened! It wasn’t until I came home around 18h30 (6:30pm) that he noticed the missing items. Our friend is a magistrate and took him to the police station to report the crime.

I used that opportunity to introduce or reintroduce myself to all of my neighbors in this block and the next. My ‘hood in LA had issues of crime and theft, but as long as u had a few extra eyes and ears on the street, and u had some respect, u and your personal belongings were pretty safe.
Some of the intros I did in Khorixas were long overdue, but better late than never, we’ll see.

I notice that both Alex (my housemate) and I are now a bit more guarded with the property. We close the broken gate to at least present the appearance that our yard is not an easy walk-in and grab atmosphere. We also have to be careful with our gestures of kindness. On separate occasions, after helping struggling residents with food or funds, we were followed home by others asking for help and/or simple handouts. The same day Alex’ clothes were stolen, he’d given money to a beggar looking for food who came to the house.

Hate to seem cold, but I’ve had to tell a few folks to not come by the house again. We’ve had more than a few things stolen from the yard in the past month (a broom, a rug, clothes-line pins, and clothes. I say that I don’t mind peddlers and beggars in common areas; I give and will continue to give when able and appropriate, but once they bring the solicitation into my property, then I feel I’ve lost control. I don’t want to be the victim. Am I wrong? How’d you handle it?


  1. Safety first! I know the feeling traveling through Asia and Africa and wanting to give to everyone who approached me.

    But then 1. you wouldn't have anything for yourself if you gave it all away and 2. when people know you have, someone who is desperate is going to make a REALLY desperate move. And don't have anybody else come to the house. Risky.

  2. You know what I'd:)


  3. HAhahahahahaha....delimma!!! how to you help without getting take-advantage of? Don't open your door (or heart) to every Tom Dick and Jane. It's a bottomless pit you face, don't feel the need to fill it.