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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flight to Windhoek

I made it safely to Windhoek. The flight from Dulles to Johannesburg was about 14 hours long. We were fed two meals, though, and had plenty of in-seat entertainment. I also had a free seat next to me so I was able to stretch (a little). I watched three movies: Beat of the Drum, Hancock, and Baby Mama. I actually enjoyed all three. In Johannesburg, we stayed at the Southern Sun, a branch of the Holiday Inn, and a very comfortable four-star hotel.

I flew into Windhoek the next day on a two-hour flight, which also served a meal, and free spirits! I slept a bit and then headed to our hostel (BackPacker Unite). Much less comfortable here. I have six roommates in a space that may be comfortable for one. All of the hostel residents share three bathrooms, which make our mornings interesting. I am in basic WorldTeach Volunteer Training for the next few weeks. I head out of Windhoek and up North tomorrow and will return to Windhoek on January 12.

Weatherwise, things are comfortable. It gets to about 85 degrees during the day and drops to about 50 degrees in the late evening.

I'm at an internet cafe now with about 7 more minutes on my credit. Will update again in about a week, when I return from the North.


  1. Hey Tamara,

    Congratulations on your new job! That's wonderful news. I love the pictures on your blog!

    I just sent you an email, but I'm not sure which you're checking most often, so I thought I would post on your blog too.

    It appears that I'm the only one who will be presenting at mid-year. Manami is too busy with her new job at Gates to attend. I'm presenting Monday from 5-6pm, the last workshop of the day! I wanted to check in with you to see if you had any advice or suggestions that you wanted me to share. I'm supposed to present on "Best Practices". I wanted to check in with you since I'm sure you'll be there in spirit.

    I'll paste the day's agenda below in case you're interested.

    Hope all is well.


    Monday, January 12, 2009

    8:00 AM – Breakfast

    8:30 AM – Keynote Presentation: “First in Political Leadership … in the Footsteps of Giants”
    Cordell Stokes, Senior Vice-President of Business Development & Governmental Affairs, Branch-Hernandez & Associates

    9:10 AM – Academic Session E.S. Savas, Ph.D. Columbia University, Presidential Professor, School of Public Affairs, Baruch College

    10:20 – 10:30 – BREAK!!!!

    10:30 AM – “Capstone Journey – Concept…Draft … Masterpiece”
    Hilary Botein, Ph.D. Columbia University, JD Northeastern University, Assistant Professor

    James Krauskopf, M.P.A. Princeton University, Distinguished Lecturer and Director of the Non-Profit Group Robert C. Smith, Ph.D. Columbia University, Associate Professor

    11:00 AM – “One on Ones” with CAPSTONE Professors Priority will be given to non – NYC mentorship Fellows
    (Check posted schedules - individual will last 30 minutes from 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM)

    1:00 PM – Lunch

    1:15 PM – Keynote Presentation: “Public Administration … Leadership at the Local Level” Floyd Johnson, MPA Occidental College & NUF ‘76 Executive Director, Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

    2:00 PM – “One on Ones” with CAPSTONE Professors Priority will be given to non – NYC mentorship Fellows (Check posted schedules - individual will last 30 minutes from 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM)

    4:30PM – 5pm “CAPSTONE – Literature Review Process” Linda Rath, Baruch College Librarian

    5:00 PM – 6:00 PM “CAPSTONE – Reflections and Best Practices” 2008 Philip J. Rutledge Capstone Awardee Catherine West, MPA Baruch College & NUF ‘08

  2. Hi:
    Mom and Dad here, how are things going. Just wanted to see if you received this. We will talk with you later. Look as though you had lots of rest on the plane.